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Panchakarma Therapy Course in Rishikesh

Join Panchakarma Course in Rishikesh, where you will learn all about Panchakarma Therapies.  Panch in Sanskrit means five, and karma means actions hence Panchakarma means 5 actions. This 5000-year-old practice is said to detox the body from the inside out. Panchakarma treatment is utilized as a longevity/rejuvenation therapy, to avoid the buildup of different issues or for seasonal health maintenance. This ayurvedic technique is unique in that it is employed for healing, prevention, and regeneration. (longevity). Diseases are supposed to be prevented by taking samshodhana therapies. Dhanvanthari, the supreme king of Ayurveda, is pictured carrying a Jalauka (a leech). This shows that some sort of bloodletting treatment has been utilised as a cleaning remedy for centuries. Nasya (nasal rinsing treatment) is described in Vedic literature as well.

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Why we are best for Panchakarma Course in Rishikesh ?

At Ommantra Health and wellness centre, We believe in imparting a healthy lifestyle to everyone. Ommantra Health and Wellness Center has effectively reintroduced a five-fold ayurvedic therapy that has been utilised for years to organically cleanse the body.

Our bodies are made up of highly controlled pure cosmic components, but due to our lack of care, these elements become tainted, resulting in unbalanced Doshas and poisons within our bodies.

This poisonous dirt frequently renders our bodies susceptible to a variety of bodily and mental disorders, rendering us unproductive in our everyday ledgers. Ayurveda places a strong value on cleansing the body in order to make it pure and healthy. As a result, eliminating toxins with panchakarma treatments is one of the most holistic approaches to offer the human body a lot of cleansing.

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Benefits of Panchakarma Course in Rishikesh