Marma Therapy in Rishikesh, India

( 7, 14, 21 & 28 Days )

What is Marma Therapy ?

Experience the ancient healing art of Marma Therapy in Rishikesh. It involves the application of pressure to specific points on the body, known as marma points, which correspond to different organs, systems, and functions of the body. Marma therapy is believed to be an effective way of balancing the body’s energy and promoting healing.

Rishikesh is a city located in the northern state of Uttarakhand in India, which is known as the birthplace of yoga and Ayurveda. The city is also home to Om Mantra Panchakarma and Ayurveda Centre, which is a renowned wellness centre that offers a range of Ayurvedic treatments, including Marma therapy.

Marma Therapy at Om Mantra

At Om Mantra Panchakarma and Ayurveda Centre, Marma therapy is performed by highly skilled and experienced therapists who have been trained in this ancient healing art and who are diligently working from the heart. The therapy is performed using a variety of techniques, including the application of pressure, massage, and the use of herbal oils and poultices.

One of the unique aspects of Marma therapy at Om Mantra Panchakarma and Ayurveda Centre is that it is tailored to the individual needs of each patient. The therapists will work with each patient to identify their specific health concerns and then develop a personalized treatment plan that is designed to address those concerns.

For example, suppose a patient is experiencing digestive issues. In that case, the therapist may focus on marma points that are associated with the digestive system, such as the navel or the area around the liver. By applying pressure to these points, the therapist can help to stimulate the digestive system and promote better digestion.

Similarly, if a patient is experiencing joint pain or stiffness, the therapist may focus on marma points associated with the joints, such as the knees or elbows. By applying pressure to these points, the therapist can help to increase circulation and reduce inflammation in the affected areas.

Accommodation Facilities in Ayurveda Center

Om Mantra Panchakarma & Ayurveda Centre offers a range of accommodation facilities to suit the needs of different guests. Our centre has comfortable and well-appointed private and family rooms with Ganga views that are designed to create a serene and peaceful environment for guests. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and private bathrooms. Non-air conditioning rooms are also available at our centre. We also offer additional yoga and meditation classes. Our parking facilities are available during regular business hours, which makes your visit to our centre as easy and stress-free as possible.

Food Facilities in Ayurveda Center

Om Mantra Panchakarma & Ayurveda Centre offers healthy and delicious food options to nourish your body and mind. Our menu includes a variety of fresh, locally sourced ingredients that are carefully selected to promote optimal health and well-being. Whether you’re looking for a quick and healthy snack, a nourishing meal, or a refreshing beverage, we have something for everyone. Our menu features vegetarian and vegan options and gluten-free and dairy-free alternatives, so you can find something that meets your dietary needs.

We believe that food is medicine, and we take great care in preparing meals that are delicious and provide essential nutrients to support your body’s natural healing processes. So, come and indulge in our nutritious and satisfying meals that will leave you feeling energized and rejuvenated.

How to apply Ayurveda Marma Therapy program in Rishikesh ?