Ayurveda Certificate Course in Diet Nutrition & Cooking

( 3 Days )
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Ayurveda Cooking Course in Rishikesh

Unlock the secrets of ayurvedic cuisine and nourish your body and mind with our Ayurveda cooking course in Rishikesh, according to Ayurveda, every human is born with standard and special characteristics. To maintain a healthy mix of good and evil, we must exercise control over what we consume. The doshas determine what should and should not be ingested; both bodily and emotional requirements must be met. The intrinsic qualities of one’s food vary depending on the source, preparation process, contextual circumstances, and so on. Ayurveda assists in aligning human demands (svastika) with what food products have to provide. This is also why the diet and nutrition course is tailored to each individual rather than mass-produced to meet the demands of one’s body. Ayurvedic food classification is based on the distinct rasas and gunas. The objects’ attributes have a direct bearing on their ayurvedic significance. This style of cooking and nutrition intake is a highly comprehensive approach to living a healthy life, as well as the first step.

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Benefits of Ayurveda Cooking Course

We think that Ayurveda is the only way to return to one’s normal state of being–the original or natural condition of one’s creation. This old pseudoscience works from within. This indicates that the mending or therapy must begin from within, by eliminating the poisonous substances with herbal treatments and gradually restoring the body’s constitution to its normal state.

Ayurveda incorporates yoga, meditation, and, most importantly, nutrition or food intake. It is one’s diet that either provides or deprives the body of nutrients. It is the only method to nourish both the body and the intellect fully. As a result, Ayurveda has traditionally put a premium on ahara and anna–diet and food, respectively.

According to Ayurveda, we must appropriately pick food ingredients before preparing them. Body type, dietary source, ambient circumstances, digestion, herbs and spices utilized, one’s unique physical state, and so on are all factors that should influence this selection.

The nutrition provided by the food components is distinct, and different combinations have varied effects on intake. Because there are so many variables involved, infinite combinations are possible, necessitating an examination of what each requires.

Ayurveda in Rishikesh
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Why us for Ayurveda Cooking Course in Rishikesh ?

The Ayurveda Diet Nutrition & Cooking course is brief but quite beneficial. Students must only devote 2 hours each day for 14 days or 4 hours per day for 7 days. This makes the sour course accessible to people of many ages and backgrounds. Upon successful completion of the course, all students will get a certificate in the name of om.

The mentors went over all of the important issues linked to ayurvedic food preparation and provided deeper insights into how to identify one’s body type and operate accordingly.

After successfully completing the course, you will be awarded a certificate